Skinny Body Care
Goes Green

At Skinny Body Care, we believe that good things come from a healthy environment. This includes harvesting the raw materials for our product from the most pristine organic locations on the planet. It means packaging our product in recyclable bottles to eliminate waste. And it means doing everything we can to help our earth thrive.

With these ideas in mind, Skinny Body Care is setting a new standard in the corporate world, and many other environmentally-minded companies are already starting to follow suit. Going against traditional beliefs that “real companies” have “real offices,” Skinny Body Care is on the cutting edge of a new era. This new revolution of effectively running a corporation from home eliminates the need for a corporate office along with the unnecessary utilities required, the gas needed to drive to an office, and the harm that those emissions cause our planet every day.

Being a “work from home” company, we also have many other advantages that give us a significant edge over businesses with a more traditional corporate environment. With servers hosted at some of the largest and most secure facilities on the planet, we have the ability to monitor every click our employees do on our site, every phone call they answer, every email they respond to, and every second they are logged into our system. With our exclusive state of the art systems in place, we can effectively monitor the quality and effectiveness of our staff better than most companies can with them working in the office next door.

Whereas having a corporate office restricts businesses to finding employees only in their local area, our strategy gives us the ability to hire the best people we can find no matter where they are in the world. And because our employees have the benefit of working from home, not having to spend money on gas or transportation, and not having to worry about dressing up for work, they are much happier, much more loyal, and much more productive. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to see our support team logging in at 3pm in the afternoon on a weekend to respond to emails, or 10pm at night during the week to check voice mails. Once people get the taste of working from home, they will work as hard as they can so that they never have to work in an office again! As you interact with our support team, you will quickly realize the professionalism and quality of responses that you receive from them.

We believe that this type of change is not only good for our planet, it’s essential. And we are proud to be one of the first companies of our kind to set the standard for what we believe will be the next corporate revolution worldwide. PLUS, the money we save from corporate overhead lets us put more into research and development, more into hiring only the best staff in the industry, and more into providing you the absolute BEST product and opportunity on the (green) planet!